Something is Wrong

Sometimes you just know something is wrong. You get a gut feeling or you notice something is slightly off.

What do you do when that happens?

If you ignore the signs they just may go away. Or maybe not.

Which is what happened to my website, YourRelationship

I saw warning signs and wrote them off to malfunctioning software. Boy was I wrong! And now I am paying the price for my mistake.

The good news is that I discovered the problem in time to…

Go here to build your Relationship Intelligence so your your life will run more smoothly at last.

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You Create Your Reality

happy as you think
Your inner world creates your outer world.

You are not your body. AND you are not your mind. You use your mind to create your world in each moment.

You know, your happiness lies in your own hands. Well, to be more accurate, your happiness, health and success all across your life lie in your thought patterns.

What do I mean?

Whatever you focus on, in your mind, you bring about in your physical reality. Ah, sometimes – often, actually – your thoughts are automatic. In fact, 95% of the thoughts that zip through your mind each day happen automatically out of your awareness.

Yes, you are only present to your life 5% of the day.

Which is why you probably have lots in your life you do NOT want and less of what you say you do want.

Yup, in each minute you create how your world looks. This is your life, choose to win it.

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Thinking: How Thinking Stresses You to the Max

It’s your thinking that gets you in trouble.

It’s your thoughts that cause your stress.

The habit of living in your left brain, has you thinking that you’re going insane and your life is a mess.
Make sense to you? Watch the video and let us know.

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All Is One

Humankind is meant to co-exist and live in the truth that we are all connected as ONE energy. The only way to make changes on a global level is to begin with yourself and your participation in community, serving others as you serve yourself.
Here is the power of All-Is-One…

receive to share

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Why People Call Me the Queen of Overcoming

Thanks for coming by to check out why people call me the The Queen of Overcoming and discover why I am the person who can you overcome the huge and the tiny obstacles in your life.

To see what happened to me and how I turn tears of hopelessness and despair into smiles of joy and accomplishment click here NOW to visit my new site that launched my most important book ever.
first edition book trailer3

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Honoring My Mom

Mom-young-girlThere are no coincidences. Today marks the anniversary of my Mom’s birth. She painfully transitioned off this plane thirteen years ago.

Today, my new book launched and hit the best sellers list immediately. Mental Illness: Consequences When the Brain Misfires, includes the excruciating struggle of my mental illness thumbnailmom and me trying to help her through a depression I never understood marked by the hallucinations (or did she simply see what others did not?) schizophrenia.

What my mom saw terrified her and her reactions terrified me.

You see, I had to write this book because if I had known what I now know (hindsight–why does it come later?) maybe I would have seen the symptoms that she, like so many elderly people and their doctors, miss. As well as she ate, all the good water she drank and the miles of walking she did every day, all that healthy life style failed to keep her mind well functioning.

My mom was an amazing lady and strong female who cared for us – my brother, me and her mom – in a time when women working outside the home just was not the thing to do.

Hey, she had no choice. My dad died young. She always did what she had to do.

My mom ran all three of her boss’s businesses. She took out personal loans–did you get that? My mom took out personal loans to cover payroll when insufficient income hit the company. She needed her job and she made sure it didn’t disappear.

She worked ALL the time – never getting sick and never taking a vacation. Seriously – she did what she had to do.

Fobat mitzvah mom grandma edie and edrtunately, my older brother arranged for her to take a vacation. Only all of us knew she would never agree to miss work. So, my brother and her boss plotted for us (my brother and me) to trick her into getting in the car with us and we actually kidnapped her. He had packed a suitcase for her as well as for each of us and hid them in the trunk of the car – out of sight.

When my mom realized she had been fooled she got hysterical! She did not believe us – that my brother had made arrangements for us to go away for 10 days.

Despite her long work hours, I remember my mom coming to my every event and every concert. I was a musician back then. And when she retired (took a lot of convincing to get her to retire) and moved south to live near my family – she was always available for everything my kids did and to help me with anything I needed.

Mnili and friends with grandma edie bat mitzvahy mom was a happy person with a delightful smile. Everyone knew and loved Grandma Edie! She still had her angelic voice and used to sing lots – as she did when I was growing up.

Hey, I was lucky enough to grow up before television was big. My family used to gather around the piano and sing. My mom and I used to sing when riding in the car.

Hmm. That is where my daughter got it! We could not take her in the car during her first few years unless we sang the entire trip! NO kidding!

My mom would have been 99 today – had she not needed to leave. Seeing the pain she lived with as no one correctly diagnosed what was wrong with her – and knowing her emotional state, I really did understand why she needed to go.

In the book I go into detail, great detail, of my mom’s situation as well as very real practical information to reverse and to the prevent mental illnesses so common today.

Even now, thirteen years after she transitioned, my mom continues to smile on all of us. She comes when my kids or me need her.

Hers was a life well lived that touched everyone she ever met. I sure do miss her. Even when I clearly sense her presence, it just isn’t the same as her physical touch.

Know what I mean?

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Affirmations: What You Don’t Know

Most of the information you hear about affirmations–how to do them, what to say, when to say it, etc. is grossly inaccurate. No wonder few people succeed following the popular gurus’ teachings.

Take a few minutes to discover some very key points you need to know if you want to use affirmations to change your life.The info disclosed in the video supplements the total picture you will find only on my CD Ali On Goals And Affirmations. click here for details.

Please click Share to let others know the secrets in this video.

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The Quantum Physics of Relationships

love in the mind of a womanOne person can save a failing romantic relationship. No couples therapy necessary.


Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy in motion. Put those two concepts together and you cannot refute the fact that your thoughts lead to your emotions that lead to your unique world, the reality each individual creates.

You know the question, “Is the glass half full or half empty?” Your response reveals how you run your head.

Do you see the good side of life or the bad side?

Does  your focus hone in on what serves you and brings you happiness and health? Or do you misuse your imagination thinking about painful past events and create pictures of even more frightening and disappointing circumstances in your future?

Whichever you choose to see is the one you will live. Guaranteed.

Ah yes, quantum physics further explains that the observer influences the result. The mood you experience when you make your observation totally determines the outcome.

Think of it this way…
In a scientific experiment the scientist poses a hypothesis, predicting a specific outcome of the experiment. Then he observes what happens, interprets his data, and writes up the results he observed.
Two things to know:
1.    The scientist sees what he expects and accepts to see and literally is blind to other outcomes–not intentionally. just how the mind works unless a conscious effort is made to include ALL  possible outcomes, including those never anticipated and seemingly unrelated to the issue under scrutiny.

2.  The scientist, by having a desired expectation, influences the result, increasing the chances of verifying his hypothesis.

How do you apply that knowledge in your own life?

Did you ever know someone diagnosed with a tumor (it showed up in a number of tests) who, on the way to the surgical procedure envisioned herself as all healed and then, when final tests were done just before the surgery (to verify where to operates) all tests showed negative? No more tumor. Remarkably the tumor previously revealed on earlier tests also disappeared.

Your mood influences what you will read in the unopened letter, in the status of the gift you sent across the ocean, on the phone call you’ve been waiting for, in the diagnosis from the doctor, etc.

In fact, scientific tests showed that item A, placed in a package and mailed overseas, somehow mutated during shipment into an item B matching the item B at the receiving end which was originally an item A BEFORE the package shipped.

That research is not new. Many similar experiments verify what quantum physicists verified over the years. Thoughts, as conscious or subconscious intentions, are powerful energies that affect outcomes for people, objects, and events.

Now you know why you do not need couples therapy to move a failing relationship to an amazing one of partnership. Only one person does the work and influences the other just using her own energy to heal herself and send love both to him and to the relationship as a separate entity.

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Happiness or No Happiness: Choose

At some point in time, not sure when, mankind – at least in Western society – switched the dominant default mood from our birth right of happiness to one of struggle and negativity.

Witness the look on most people’s face’s as you pass by them or simply remain still and observe what you see every where. You will see more anger, wrinkled brows, or sadness than you will smiling bright faces. Mostly, though, you will notice ho hum looks that seem to say, “Let’s just make it through this day.”

Consider these statistics: you think 65,000 thoughts each day. OF that 65,000, 95% are the same thoughts you thought the day before – and the day before that and the day before that ad infinitum.

Now add to the mix the fact that 80% of those daily thoughts represent negative events or imagined negative situations.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand how that the huge thought form enveloping far too many people on the planet is one of scarcity.: not being enough or not having enough of this and that and everything.

Also realize that only about 1% of people actually think.

The remaining 99% ask their friends and family for advice when they need to make decisions. They do not bother to seek expert advice for things like where to bank, what kind of insurance to get and through whom, where to live and shop, which doctors to see, etc.

Very important life decisions, then, get made each day by people who choose not to take the energy or invest the effort to take responsibility for their important life decisions. One benefit, other getting by being lazy, is they have someone to blame when things fail to work out as they hoped they would.


With so many people not thinking, the only energy on which to draw becomes negative viewpoints of life. All of which elude man’s nature, namely, love. People who live on automatic buy into the huge thought forms of lack.

It is impossible to experience two opposing emotions in any single moment. So anyone thinking of what they want that others already have (envy) will not simultaneously feel gratitude for what they DO have. Neither will they experience joy and love for the other person who has what they themselves want.

What if you decided to live in gratitude?

What if you saw love every place you looked – because actually, every place you look love does exist. You choose whether or not to allow that love into your life.

You expend more energy to feel good than you do to feel bad.


The default energy you experience vibrates at a low and s-l-o-w frequency. You can only attract experiences and things that exist in frequencies in harmony with your current level of vibration. Therefore you must raise your energy level higher to get what you say you want.

Notice I said “what you say you want. ” The bottom line truth is that you have what you want in life in every moment. Affirmations totally work. The problem is most people have no clue how or what they ask for.

Want to know? Look at your life. What you see reflects your requests.

Which brings me back to my initial point: of the 65,000 thoughts you think every day a full 80% are negative.

How can you change that state and plug into the life you desire? Live consciously monitoring your thoughts. Catch yourself when you feel bad because your feelings reveal your thoughts operating out of your awareness.

Mke sense?

What one step will you take today to make the difference that will shift you into happiness so you can live the life you desire? You can do it instantly, It doesn’t have to take weeks or months.

Just do something different NOW.

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Soulmates: The Real Deal

The media created a picture of a soulmate as someone who completes a person and brings sunshine and flowers and endless happiness and support to both you and your partner. That perfect person and you ride off into the sunset every night, smiles all aglow.

Do you really think that is what a soulmate does for you? Do you think there is only one perfect match for you that allows a blissful existence forever?

What if a soulmate is someone who loves you so much, on a soul level, that he or she comes into your life to push your buttons forcing you to grow, to evolve on a soul level?

What if living with your soulmate results in your overcoming the blocks you placed on your path that prevent you from becoming all you can be in life and doing all you came here to do?

What if your soulmate pushes you into painful places forcing you to stop, live in the NOW and act, powerfully act, to move your life forward in the direction of your dreams?

I am not talking in the form of being your biggest cheer leader. I am talking about arguments, lack of honor or respect, poor communication, frustration and all the behaviors you think you never desired on your path in life. BUT without arousing those parts of you hurt by those feelings, why would you ever “go there” and seek change on your own part?

What happens when you live in comfort and all goes swimmingly well all the time?

For one thing you probably wonder if what is happening is real. Most likely your doubts come with reasons to feel that way.

People who live in comfort simply feel no motivation to grow and change. Pain pushes people into action, yes?

Am I saying that living in a wonderfully fulfilling relationship is a dream? NO. Just realize there is no such thing as a relationship without constant button pushing and continual growth.

When you live with your soulmate maybe, just maybe, that growth happens for both parties. And you discover how to resolve the frequent hurt feelings and misunderstandings easier and faster every time something comes up.

Make sense?

Do you even know the real out-of-your-awareness reasons you and your partner came together in the first place?

You were not attracted to each other for the reason you think brought you together. You probably think sexual attraction, common interests or displaying opposite personality traits (shy woman with an outgoing man, non-emotional man with a very emotional woman) drew you toward one another.

Those are the conscious reasons you told yourself causing you to act but not the “why” underlying those actions.

What if I told you that living through and healing the difficulties in this relationship allowed you to heal every similar relationship issue across your life? Think your boss, a former friend, your parent, your child, etc.

How you do anything is how you do everything. Fix one relationship. Watch all of them heal spontaneously.


What do you think really goes on in your soulmate partnership?

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