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For the first time in a whole month–no acid reflux, no digestive tract hurting or nausea. Maybe I will hit that tennis ball on Wednesday after all.

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Walking and Singing

Yesterday I started to wonder if I would ever sing again. I also wondered will I actually be able to run and hit the tenis ball on Wednesday. Today I took a brisk walk with a friend. The ace was … Continue reading

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A Video, Ebook and and a gift

I amazed myself today. Ideas started fkowing non-stop just like they did all my life–untill all the numbness got in the way. Today I made a new video–no singing just some talking and laughing too. Then I discovered a faster … Continue reading

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Do You Live Here?

The show’s director directed Barbara Streisand’s tour. This amazing star won awards for stage, screen and television. Kristen Chenoweth puts on an unbelievable show. If you live in any of these cities get tickets before all the seats are gone. … Continue reading

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