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You Create Your Reality

Your inner world creates your outer world. You are not your body. AND you are not your mind. You use your mind to create your world in each moment. You know, your happiness lies in your own hands. Well, to … Continue reading

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Why People Call Me the Queen of Overcoming

Thanks for coming by to check out why people call me the The Queen of Overcoming and discover why I am the person who can you overcome the huge and the tiny obstacles in your life. To see what happened … Continue reading

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Starting Over

If you are wondering why the blog looks different–it is becuase this site was hackled and the best way to protect myself was to restore it from July 19. AND I eliminated all info about my brain tumor surgery as … Continue reading

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Life Just Keeps Getting Better

The secret to an ever improving life is…Drum roll please: LIve in the present moment and choose to feel happy. I know that not every moment of life offers something to feel happy about–or does it? If something is a … Continue reading

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Sleeping Naturally After Way Too Many Years

I don’t even remember how long ago it was when I slept with my hands up by my head without having them go dead asleep–like rocks at the end of my wrists. Well, that was true until two nights ago. … Continue reading

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Everything is Both Good And Bad

Seeking the good in the seeming awful will bring you to and keep you in happiness. Period. So when the larynxologist put the camera into my larynx and again reported the vocal continues to be completely paralyzed and then prescribed a … Continue reading

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Getting There

Phew! I transferred all my websites and pages to a new host back on May 6. I just finished figuring out my blog entry info. Complicated to explain. anyway, now I can begin to post again so long as I … Continue reading

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For the first time in a whole month–no acid reflux, no digestive tract hurting or nausea. Maybe I will hit that tennis ball on Wednesday after all.

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Walking and Singing

Yesterday I started to wonder if I would ever sing again. I also wondered will I actually be able to run and hit the tenis ball on Wednesday. Today I took a brisk walk with a friend. The ace was … Continue reading

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A Video, Ebook and and a gift

I amazed myself today. Ideas started fkowing non-stop just like they did all my life–untill all the numbness got in the way. Today I made a new video–no singing just some talking and laughing too. Then I discovered a faster … Continue reading

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