Happiness or No Happiness: Choose

At some point in time, not sure when, mankind – at least in Western society – switched the dominant default mood from our birth right of happiness to one of struggle and negativity.

Witness the look on most people’s face’s as you pass by them or simply remain still and observe what you see every where. You will see more anger, wrinkled brows, or sadness than you will smiling bright faces. Mostly, though, you will notice ho hum looks that seem to say, “Let’s just make it through this day.”

Consider these statistics: you think 65,000 thoughts each day. OF that 65,000, 95% are the same thoughts you thought the day before – and the day before that and the day before that ad infinitum.

Now add to the mix the fact that 80% of those daily thoughts represent negative events or imagined negative situations.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand how that the huge thought form enveloping far too many people on the planet is one of scarcity.: not being enough or not having enough of this and that and everything.

Also realize that only about 1% of people actually think.

The remaining 99% ask their friends and family for advice when they need to make decisions. They do not bother to seek expert advice for things like where to bank, what kind of insurance to get and through whom, where to live and shop, which doctors to see, etc.

Very important life decisions, then, get made each day by people who choose not to take the energy or invest the effort to take responsibility for their important life decisions. One benefit, other getting by being lazy, is they have someone to blame when things fail to work out as they hoped they would.


With so many people not thinking, the only energy on which to draw becomes negative viewpoints of life. All of which elude man’s nature, namely, love. People who live on automatic buy into the huge thought forms of lack.

It is impossible to experience two opposing emotions in any single moment. So anyone thinking of what they want that others already have (envy) will not simultaneously feel gratitude for what they DO have. Neither will they experience joy and love for the other person who has what they themselves want.

What if you decided to live in gratitude?

What if you saw love every place you looked – because actually, every place you look love does exist. You choose whether or not to allow that love into your life.

You expend more energy to feel good than you do to feel bad.


The default energy you experience vibrates at a low and s-l-o-w frequency. You can only attract experiences and things that exist in frequencies in harmony with your current level of vibration. Therefore you must raise your energy level higher to get what you say you want.

Notice I said “what you say you want. ” The bottom line truth is that you have what you want in life in every moment. Affirmations totally work. The problem is most people have no clue how or what they ask for.

Want to know? Look at your life. What you see reflects your requests.

Which brings me back to my initial point: of the 65,000 thoughts you think every day a full 80% are negative.

How can you change that state and plug into the life you desire? Live consciously monitoring your thoughts. Catch yourself when you feel bad because your feelings reveal your thoughts operating out of your awareness.

Mke sense?

What one step will you take today to make the difference that will shift you into happiness so you can live the life you desire? You can do it instantly, It doesn’t have to take weeks or months.

Just do something different NOW.

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