Love Yourself First: Prerequisite to Happiness

For many years I studied and shared information about happiness–the whole psychology of happiness. You can get a degree, even a PhD, in Happiness.

The thing is, you cannot fulfill your desire to live in happiness until you create love for yourself. You gotta love yourself first.

Okay, so what happens when you love yourself first?

You create new programs within your subconscious. Your frequency increases to the level where everything you desire exists: the feel good emotions, friends, jobs, things, etc

Everything is energy – verything, including you and me. All things are also energy. Thoughts are energy. All energy vibrates at specific frequencies.

Feel good energy vibrates as higher amplitude waves (think sound waves from your high school physics class) that move fast.When you feel good you feel energetic and happy. Sad and bad emotions and experiences vibrate as lower amplitude waves and long slow motion.

No matter how many techniques you use to create instant happiness you will never stay in that energy without making the internal shifty to love. When you live love everyone in your world will interact differently toward you. In fact, your love will flow out, surround and fill others.

Yes, your love will flow into and surround others raising their frequencies to new heights too. Yes, the way to change relationships is to take care of you. It is never about the other person and always about you.

No one is blaming you–or anybody else–for anything. No blame exists. Not really.

The only thing that keeps you stuck in the muck of daily living is your lack of self love. The same holds true for those with whom you feel disconnected or even angry.

The person who you think you are merely reflects your self image. Your self image reveals the programs others instilled in your subconscious mind when you were too young to filter out messages that did not serve you. those programs, operating out of our awareness, run your life in every moment.

Self love means knowing your True Self–who you were at birth. When you know your True identity, as opposed to the person you define yourself to be, you cannot feel anything but love. You live in constant gratitude for every little thing in your world. You automatically see how the Universe supplies all you ask for at precisely the moment it serves your highest and best interest to accept it and allow it in to create your new reality.

Make sense?

Loving yourself first is not only NOT selfish, it is mandatory! You cannot give what you do not have. Until you love yourself first and become love all you can really do is know about love. You cannot be completely happy or know boundless joy and success without love.

You either love someone or something or you don’t. There are no shades of gray. Just as you cannot be a little bit pregnant you cannot love a little bit. Love carries no conditions. Regardless of what someone says or doesn’t say, does or doesn’t do – when you love that someone you love the person and see him as separate from his behaviors.

Where are you on your love yourself first barometer? Do you know your True Self? Do you participate in the daily communications your True Self shares with you? Do even know how to hear or talk to your True Self?

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