Soulmates: The Real Deal

The media created a picture of a soulmate as someone who completes a person and brings sunshine and flowers and endless happiness and support to both you and your partner. That perfect person and you ride off into the sunset every night, smiles all aglow.

Do you really think that is what a soulmate does for you? Do you think there is only one perfect match for you that allows a blissful existence forever?

What if a soulmate is someone who loves you so much, on a soul level, that he or she comes into your life to push your buttons forcing you to grow, to evolve on a soul level?

What if living with your soulmate results in your overcoming the blocks you placed on your path that prevent you from becoming all you can be in life and doing all you came here to do?

What if your soulmate pushes you into painful places forcing you to stop, live in the NOW and act, powerfully act, to move your life forward in the direction of your dreams?

I am not talking in the form of being your biggest cheer leader. I am talking about arguments, lack of honor or respect, poor communication, frustration and all the behaviors you think you never desired on your path in life. BUT without arousing those parts of you hurt by those feelings, why would you ever “go there” and seek change on your own part?

What happens when you live in comfort and all goes swimmingly well all the time?

For one thing you probably wonder if what is happening is real. Most likely your doubts come with reasons to feel that way.

People who live in comfort simply feel no motivation to grow and change. Pain pushes people into action, yes?

Am I saying that living in a wonderfully fulfilling relationship is a dream? NO. Just realize there is no such thing as a relationship without constant button pushing and continual growth.

When you live with your soulmate maybe, just maybe, that growth happens for both parties. And you discover how to resolve the frequent hurt feelings and misunderstandings easier and faster every time something comes up.

Make sense?

Do you even know the real out-of-your-awareness reasons you and your partner came together in the first place?

You were not attracted to each other for the reason you think brought you together. You probably think sexual attraction, common interests or displaying opposite personality traits (shy woman with an outgoing man, non-emotional man with a very emotional woman) drew you toward one another.

Those are the conscious reasons you told yourself causing you to act but not the “why” underlying those actions.

What if I told you that living through and healing the difficulties in this relationship allowed you to heal every similar relationship issue across your life? Think your boss, a former friend, your parent, your child, etc.

How you do anything is how you do everything. Fix one relationship. Watch all of them heal spontaneously.


What do you think really goes on in your soulmate partnership?

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